What’s worth knowing about food?
What’s a worthwhile piece of food knowledge you remember and use?
What food knowledge would you want to share with others? And how could you get them to understand why it’s worth knowing particular things about food? Why should someone else pay attention to what you think is important about food?

This project (which has been circulating in person in Minnesota) invites people to share what they think is worth knowing about food in an interactive glossary that helps translate between different perspectives on difficult food topics, and builds a crowd-sourced index and glossary for a Field Guide to Food Systems.

This guide is a way to get oriented in and do justice to people’s public stories about the conditions that make food good!

To share experiences, knowledge, conversations, people, or communities (or any other things you'd like to share about food), fill out this form, and it will become a card in the collection we're building in 2015 (to see an example, see the introduction to the Real Food Challenge):

This exhibit is being curated via different events and practices that prompt new questions and ways of organizing the collection of index cards in the FoodWords recipe box and online glossary. Is is also prompted by FoodWork, a documentation process where the Food and Society Workshop documents food work by mapping relationships between different organizations and people working to improve food in Minnesota -- and hosts regular workshops. See our calendar for updates.

Facilitated by: Kirsten Valentine Cadieux,
in collaboration with: